We opened in late October with a layout made by Trunks Destiny and grew to 100 members. Then we got a layout from Anime Council that lasted till we had 700 members. Then we got a layout from Saiyan Extreme till we got 850 members. Now we have a layout by Anime Council again and its cool. The reason we opened is because a lot of topsites close so we are trying to revive the spirit. Also this topsite is owned by the owner of


Today we have put the pages back to 10 sites per page and only the first 20 sites get their button shown. This is to prevent hentai images. Aslo we have removed the popups that have been coming up and we are sorry for them! Now join and get hits.


New Rule!

A new rule has been added to Dojo 100. Here at Dojo 100 we will no longer accept voting for pages! So if your site has force voting on the entrance and we have already banned you then please go ahead and e-mail us saying to “unbanned” and that you have removed the force voting. Hentai, I-Framing, Force Voting and if another topsite joins Dojo100 it is a no tolerance ban.

Cya space cowboys.